Animal husbandry is a field that involves much effort to take care of the animals. Livestock farmers need to spend both time and money to maintain the health and growth of animals. There are many challenges in animal husbandry that farmers face. Moreover, they need to perform the day to day tasks for the upkeeping of animals.

Proper nutrition, hygiene, and medical care are essential for animal health. There are tools and equipment that make daily tasks convenient for livestock farmers. This post shares some necessary tools used in animal husbandry.

WEFSUN pig husbandry equipment: Sow Farrowing Crate

Why we use pig farrowing crate in husbandry?

There are common issues our farmers would meet during the pig husbandry

a. the pregnant sow is attacked by other sow leading to abortion b. Newborn piglets are trampled or crushed to death

c. Pig dies of diseases like ASF/PRRS/Diarrhea

d. Pig is weak, thinner and of low survival rate

And we know that it takes about 4.7 months for a sow to delivery and 3-4 months preparation period for next time gestation, and it takes more than five months for a piglet growing up to an adult pig.

When it comes to above-said accidents, we can see what that means to our farmers, cost increase and money lost!

To face the challenge of issue a and b, choose our Sow farrowing crate. Now let’s take a look at our farrowing container. It has been popular for years and was proven by our farmers for its useful functions. 

mainly composed of 

sow positioning frame

piglet fence crate

piglet incubator

manure leakage floor

mother pig trough and piglet feeding trough our farmers.

1. Providing a clean and sanitary delivery environment for sow production is conducive to the recovery of sow after delivery and can give full play to the pig’s production potential;

2. Providing a healthy and comfortable environment for newborn piglets. Protect piglets from being crushed to death by sows; Raise piglet’s survival rate.

3. Save energy and financial input in sow production and piglet management, increase income.

WEFSUN pig husbandry equipment: Weaning Crate

Weaning Crates/Weaning stalls

Weaning Crate is a kind of modern pig farming equipment, simple structure, convenient operation, firm and durable, acid and alkali corrosion resistance.

Weaning stall is suitable for the Piglets 4- 5 weeks; during the weaning period, piglets quickly get a disease like diarrhea. Weaning crates help farmers better take care of piglets and centralized management, convenient for everyday observation and scientific feeding.  

1. The wall could be the hot-dip galvanized pipe/rebar or the PVC board. Customers can choose according to your own need.

 Hot-dip galvanized pipe + round bar is comfortable for air and wind to flow, which is suitable for the warmer climate.

 *PVC board can provide a closed environment, which can protect the piglets from the cold wind.

2. The floor is a plastic slat floor, which is easy to clean and comfortable for the piglets.

3. Two kinds of feeders (s/s or plastic) for your options.

4. The install of the stall is by bolt joint, no need the welding process.

5. Customizing is highly welcomed.

Picture 3

The Pig positioning stall

The Pig positioning stall is usually used for pig gestation or segregation. A right solution for farmers who have above said issues a and d. 

1. Used in pig gestation- The purpose of the positioning stall is for segregating sow in its first four weeks of pregnancy,and it is good to avoid other sows attacking the pregnant sow. 

2. Used in pig segregation- It helps divide those weak pigs from other pigs so that those weak ones could be taken good care of and easy for physical examination. 

Help farmers make the pig grow faster and easy to feed, clean and brush and farmers quickly achieve mechanization management. 

The surface was treated by hot-dipped galvanization with uniform coating, which gives the crate long service life. 

Both the front door and back door can be opened conveniently, which is flexible for different farms.

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