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High-intensity ultrasound helps strengthen 3D printed alloys

Researchers from RMIT University and the University of Queensland in Australia have demonstrated how high-frequency sound waves can have a major impact on the inner micro-structure of 3D printed alloys. In using sound vibrations to shake metal alloy grains into a tighter formation while being printed in 3D, they achieved more consistent and stronger alloys …


High-capacity tape for the era of big data

A new magnetic material and recording process can vastly increase data capacity Although out of sight to the majority of end users, data centers work behind the scenes to run the internet, businesses, research institutions and more. These data centers depend on high-capacity digital storage, the demand for which continues to accelerate. Researchers created a …

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New solid electrolyte material could improve safety and performance of lithium-ion batteries

Stanford University scientists have identified a new class of solid materials that could replace flammable liquid electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries. The low-cost materials – made of lithium, boron and sulfur – could improve the safety and performance of electric cars, laptops and other battery-powered devices, according to the scientists. Their findings are published in a study in …

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Study uncovers dislocation pathways to advanced alloys

Materials Dating back to an idea proposed in 2004, the past several years have witnessed the emergence of a new paradigm in alloy design, in which three or more elements are mixed in roughly equal proportions. Named multiprincipal element alloys (MPEAs) – but often known as a subset of these alloys called high-entropy alloys – …

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Types of steel and their uses in the piping industry

As manufacturing processes have evolved and become more complex, steel buyers’ options have expanded to suit many unique needs across a variety of industries. But not all types of steel are equal. Piping industry professionals can become better buyers by examining the types of steel available today and understanding why some steels make great pipe …