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Recycling on the microscale has macro advantages

Growing populations and technological advances are driving consumption,using up raw materials,and creating a crisis in waste management.What can we do with the ever-growing volume of obsolete electronics or ‘e-waste’,for example,which will reach 50 million tons by 2021? A large proportion is currently transported to developing countries to be processed,while the rest is stockpiled or sent …


Investors Still Betting on Next Big Energy Storage Technology: Solid-State Batteries

The U.S.may have fallen behind Asia and Europe in battery manufacturing,but a number of well-funded companies are looking to get the country back in the game with a technology that could supersede today’s lithium-ion chemistries. Companies including Ionic Materials,QuantumScape,Sion power and Solid Power are developing all-solid-state batteries (ASSBs) that are expected to be safer and more energy-dense than the lithium-ion products …


Upcycling plastic waste toward sustainable energy storage

What if you could solve two of Earth’s biggest problems in one stroke? UC Riverside engineers have developed a way to recycle plastic waste,such as soda or water bottles,into a nanomaterial useful for energy storage. Mihri and Cengiz Ozkan and their students have been working for years on creating improved energy storage materials from sustainable sources,such as …


Exploring the interactions between sound,action and vision in robotics

In recent years,researchers have developed a growing amount of computational techniques to enable human-like capabilities in robots.Most techniques developed so far,however,merely focus on artificially reproducing the senses of vision and touch,disregarding other senses,such as auditory perception. A research team at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have recently carried out a study exploring the possibility of using …

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Miniature robotic camera backpack shows how beetles see the world

After creating tiny sensor backpacks for bees, researchers from the University of Washington have built a more advanced model for beetles. Dubbed “a GoPro for beetles,” the robotic packs carry a tiny steerable camera that can stream video at 1 to 5 fps and pivot up to 60 degrees. On top of getting an impressive bugs-eye …

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MIT AI system knows when to make a medical diagnosis or defer to an expert

AI can now detect lung, breast, brain, skin and cervical cancer. But in the world of medical AI, figuring out when to rely on experts versus algorithms is still tricky. It’s not merely a matter of who is “better” at making a diagnosis or prediction. Factors like how much time medical professionals have and their level of expertise also come into …

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Why the future of electric cars lies in China?

Is the future of electric vehicles damaged by the chaos surrounding Tesla? Absolutely not. Whether thecompany survives in its present form or not is irrelevant. The future of EVs will not be determined by anything that happens in California but by decisions being taken 6,000 miles away in Beijing.Meanwhile, the EV business goes from strength to strength — …

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Animal husbandry

Animal husbandry is a field that involves much effort to take care of the animals. Livestock farmers need to spend both time and money to maintain the health and growth of animals. There are many challenges in animal husbandry that farmers face. Moreover, they need to perform the day to day tasks for the upkeeping …